About ME


About Andrew - Head Photographer, Owner

Hi, I'm Andrew. I wasn't born in Central Texas but I got here as fast as I could. I have been living here in sunny New Braunfels, Texas for eight years after living everywhere else in this beautiful state. Having found my true home here on the Comal and Guadalupe, you can find me at Gruene Hall, my favorite place to take pictures, or snapping portraits all over the Hill Country.


Business Backstory

I started this business because of my passion for capturing moments that mean something to the people participating in them. I got my start in 2016 with Cody Canada and the Departed, shooting shows and loving every second of it! I have grown and have shot over 200 artists including ACM, CMA, and Grammy Award Winners over the past three years. I love to work on local acoustic stages just as much as I like the smoke and the lights! 


What's Next?

I'm so excited for things to come. My business is growing from just concerts to do more family photoshoots, individual portraits, wedding, and event photography all across the Hill Country! If you see me out in public taking portraits or at a concert, say hey, I love meeting new people and potential clients!